7 Common Accidents during Holiday Season

Common Accidents during the Holiday Season in Atlanta and how to avoid them!

Showing a woman in holiday outfit driving in Atlanta during ice and snow storm. Common Accidents during the holidays in Atlanta! WHY DO ACCIDENTS INCREASE DURING THE HOLIDAYS!- Personal Injury Attorney in the Greater Atlanta area - The Law OFfices of Julie M Essa (1)

During the Holiday Season, it’s all about spending time with loved ones, family, and friends, eating good food, and watching football. But, it is also the peak time for hospitals around Atlanta. The Emergency rooms always experience an increase of accident victims come through their doors over the holiday season. While you are out enjoying the Holiday season we at The Law Offices of Julie M. Essa want you to be aware of these 7 common accidents that occur, so you can do your part to avoid them. 

Car Accidents 

Showing pile up from following to closely - Common Accidents include multi car collisions - Car Accidents in Atlanta are common - Here are the Top Reasons why. Hire Julie M. Essa if you have been in a Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Accident

Car accidents are one of the most common accidents that occur during the holiday season. With so many drivers on the road at one time and many out of town visitors the Winter season is one of the busiest travel times of the year—the chances of a car accident increase exponentially. Additionally, the holiday season means cooler temperatures, rain, fog, and even black ice in the Atlanta area. This can contribute to car accidents. Let’s not even add the fact that drivers are still using their phones and text drive, though it has been outlawed for a few years now. 

Road Rage and Accidents

If you are planning on driving during the holidays, be aware of your surroundings and practice extra caution even more so than any other time of the year. Give yourself plenty of time before you have to be somewhere and don’t rush, you cannot avoid traffic. Many folks seem to have road rage and it is not uncommon for drivers to weave in and out of traffic, don’t respond by honking your horn and don’t try to catch up with them because they almost caused you to hit someone and you know want to let them know by driving up next to them. Remember, they obviously do not care and you will endanger your life by getting on their level.  

Drinking at Holiday Parties

If you plan to drink alcohol, have a designated driver take you home. Uber and Lyft are both in the Atlanta area and are affordable and usually safe. Always check the vehicle and driver prior to the car arriving and never get in an Uber before the driver addresses you by your name. If you are on the road it is your responsibility not endanger other drivers and yourself so, don’t drink and drive and avoid getting a DUI. 


Common accidents during the holiday season include choking - Holiday Dinners and indulging in food at dinner table
Common accidents during the holiday season include choking – Holiday Dinners and indulging in the food at the Holiday Dinner table could cause choking. Slow down, chew your food and pay attention to bones from the delicious turkey

Choking happens when you eat too quickly, or you are distracted by talking or laughing while eating. Also, children tend to eat too fast and have difficulty swallowing food not cut safely for them. Choking is a life-threatening emergency that can lead to death. Be proactive by making sure you’re eating slowly and chewing properly. Ensure your children have food that is pre-cut and that it contains no bones. Remember that any type of fish, turkey, chicken, goose, and duck, contain small bones and sharp edges that could obstruct your airways. 

Slip and Fall Injuries

Common accidents during any season include Slip and Fall Accidents. Slip and Fall Injury due to negligence of a property owner

Grocery stores are jam-packed over the holiday, especially with those last-minute shoppers picking up what they need to complete their meals. Slip and fall injuries are more likely to occur during these busy shopping time. As you walk around the store or even on the streets, be aware of the ground beneath you. Keep an eye out for slippery surfaces even if there is no sign spills happen. Retail workers are often too occupied to clean up spills where someone is likely to slip. Be sure to alarm a store manager if you see potential danger for others and yourself. 


Burns, whether it is from cooking or a house fire, are also common during the Thanksgiving holiday. From improperly cooking a turkey to scalding yourself with a pot of boiling potatoes, burns are almost sure to happen.

You can avoid these types of injuries by being cautious in the kitchen, having a fire extinguisher on hand, and just practicing common sense. Burns on children are also common during Thanksgiving, especially with so many adults distracted with cooking. Make sure all pots and pans with hot items are pushed back out of reach so that young ones cannot pull them down on themselves.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning, unfortunately, occurs a lot more than people realize on Thanksgiving. Not correctly storing food or improperly handling raw meat will lead to food contamination and then food poisoning. The elderly, pregnant women and children are especially at risk – because food poisoning could lead to more severe conditions, such as kidney failure.

If you’re cooking, make sure you refrigerate perishable foods right away and never thaw your turkey overnight on the counter. Wash your hands, utensils, and all cooking instruments well before using them and avoid cross-contamination by cleaning knives and cutting boards in between use. Cook ALL raw meats to an internal temperature of 165 degrees to ensure the removal of most bacteria.

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