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It’s not uncommon that people use the terms Burglary and Robbery interchangeably, but they have very different implications in the world of criminal justice. While both are theft, the key difference between the two terms is that in a Robbery, a victim must be present and robbed of something valuable by way of intimidation, force, or threat.

Burglaries, however, are often done without the victim present, like a home break-in without anyone at the home. That’s the basic difference between robberies and burglaries.

We offer Criminal Defense for Burglary and Robbery in the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding cities. We Fight and Win cases for our Clients.

Criminal Defense for Robbery and Burglary in addition to many other crimes.

The Law Offices of Julie M. Essa has represented many people that faced criminal charges in the Atlanta Metro Area. Attorney Essa’s focus and dedication are always to the client first. If you need a Top Criminal Defense Attorney to assist with your Burglary or Robbery Charges, don’t wait.

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